The Guide

A collection of downloads to help guide your studies.


  1. Complete set DVD’s

    The Faith Lessons series takes your small group on a...

  2. True Christmas Story

    This video examines the contrast between Herod, possibly the most...

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  1. Why Galilee?

    In these audio teachings Ray shares his knowledge of Jewish...

  2. Middle C

    In these audio teachings, Ray shares his knowledge of Jewish...

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  1. Not on Bread Alone

    Not on Bread Alone Israel is mostly rugged desert. The...

  2. Soldiers of the cross

    Soldiers of The Cross Pope Urban ll, in an impassioned...

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  1. City Gates

  2. Gate at Dan

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The Journey

Study God's word in its original Jewish context in order to follow our Rabbi, Jesus.

  1. Footsteps of the Disciples

    Follow the difficult path the disciples took to spread the message of Jesus. This journey will take you to amazing sites in Turkey.

    Begin in The Salt of the Earth Begin

  2. Israel in Depth

    Journey to Israel and study an overview of the history of the Jewish people from Abraham to Jesus.

    Begin in Language of Culture Begin

  3. Out of Egypt

    Look for some interesting faith lessons, coming soon.