Learn more about the people God chose to live out his plan of Salvation.

  1. A Relationship That Can Change the World

    A Relationship That Can Change the World

    Jesus disciples, the ones he called into a relationship with him as talmidim, made such an impact on... Read More

  2. An Essene Cistern

    An Essene Cistern

    In the Qumran community, the Essenes created several cisterns that, as shown here, were plastered and had steps... Read More

  3. Assyrians


    Assyrians The Assyrian empire was located in Mesopotamia near the Euphrates River. Their reputation was so fierce that... Read More

  4. Cultural Images in Jesus Teaching

    Cultural Images in Jesus Teaching

    Jesus used various word pictures and ideas that were familiar to the people of his time in order... Read More

  5. Edom


    Israel and Edom: Nations in Conflict Jacob and Esau, the grandsons of Abraham, were to be fathers of... Read More

  6. Elijah


    Why Did God Choose Elijah? It's easy to think that Elijah was morally or spiritually superior to us,... Read More

  7. Goliath A Philistine Warrior

    Goliath A Philistine Warrior

    After finding carvings of Philistine soldiers in the temple of Ramses lll in Egypt, archaeologists discovered that the... Read More

  8. Herod and Jesus: A Contrast Between Two Kings

    Herod and Jesus: A Contrast Between Two Kings

    Differing Motivations Herod the Great thought highly of his abilities and power, and spared no effort to impress... Read More

  9. Herod the Builder

    Herod the Builder

    The Works of a Master Builder Herod the Great's visionary building programs, ingenious development of trade with other... Read More

  10. Herod’s Legacy

    Herod’s Legacy

    Herod the Great had tremendous wealth and influence in his day. He controlled major trade routes and constructed... Read More

  11. Jesus the Rabbi

    Jesus the Rabbi

    The term rabbi in the time of Jesus did not necessarily refer to a specific office or occupation.... Read More

  12. John the Baptist

    John the Baptist

    Did John the Baptist live at Qumran? See the Dead Sea Scrolls? Write any of them? These questions... Read More

  13. Messiah from East

    Messiah from East

    A number of significant events in the history of the Jewish people, particularly events that relate to God's... Read More

  14. Movements of Jesus’ Day

    Movements of Jesus’ Day

    Four views of Judaism In Jesus' day, there were varying philosophies within the Jewish faith.  While some Jews... Read More

  15. Nazerites


    Early in the history of Israel, God established the Nazarites as a unique category of people. They were... Read More

  16. Nicolations


    In Revelation 2:25, the apostle John condemns those who follow the teachings of Balaam and the Nicolaitians. Balaam... Read More

  17. People


    The Text is filled with beautiful word pictures, theological truths, and intriguing events. But more than anything else,... Read More

  18. Preparation for Jesus

    Preparation for Jesus

    God's covenant with Abraham demonstrated the promise of God. He declared his commitment to the Israelites by walking... Read More

  19. Religious Groups

    Religious Groups

    Throughout the Old and New Testament, various religious groups emerged within Jewish culture. In Old Testament times, God... Read More

  20. Sennacherib’s Palace

    Sennacherib’s Palace

    Assyrians Assyria's kings were committed to more than military conquest. As part of their religious duty, they also... Read More